We received a call from a customer who recently started a new business. He has been so busy that he doesn’t have the time to wash his car anymore. So busy that he doesn’t even have the time to bring it to get detailed. That’s where we come in.

He was able to continue to work and keep is daily routine the same while we came and detailed his car right at his restaurant. We are able to be fully mobile. No electricity? No problem. No water? No problem.

Each truck in our fleet is equipped with at least a 100 gallon water tank and 3000 series generator. This allows for us to take care of you no matter what your needs are. We know life gets busy and you using your time that is already so limited on detailing your vehicle is tough. We want our experience to be a total ease of mind for the customer.

Here at Flash Mobile Detailing we offer discounts for servicing multiple cars at the same appointment, which means you can save money by having all of your cars cared for at once. Your friends and family can also benefit: you all can enjoy catching up while the detailing professionals work on all of your cars in one trip, saving everyone time and money.

Mobile detailing appointments can be made anywhere, even while you’re at work. That means no waiting around and no wasted time — and when time is money, this is a saving in itself!

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