“America’s Best-Selling Car”

For as long as we can remember, the Toyota Camry has been comfortable and compliant but not all that invigorating to drive – essentially making it the vanilla ice cream of family sedans. That all changed with its revamp a couple of years ago that marked the debut of Toyota’s eighth-generation in the sedan. A double-wishbone rear suspension, lower center of gravity and stiffer body structure all translated to a more dynamic and fun-to-drive experience. The Camry feels taut, but doesn’t compromise the comfortable manners for which it’s known. In each of the last 18 years, the Toyota Camry finished New Year’s Eve as America’s best-selling car. It’s a streak that began in 2002 and continued steadily through 2019. It continues to lead the Civic by 2% this year; and with the new Civic refresh coming soon, we will see how it competes in the years ahead.

At Flash, we offer multiple cleaning routines for pet hair that are individually curated based on each customer’s situation and carpet type. For this Camry, we use our in house solution to loosen up the carpet fibers and our circular drill attachment to extract tough hair stuck in the fibers, allowing an easy vacuum finish.


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