Dealership washing and detailing is something every small or large dealership struggles to get right. Auto detailing is a necessary part of the business. But, for many, it is also a problem. A necessary evil, an expense, something that you would not like to deal with, but yet something that is like a shadow; it never goes away. They hire companies that rush through each car to get as many done in a day but by using non-ethical methods. The right products and equipment allow us to efficiently get through vehicles while receiving that same great Flash Clean.

Before committing to a company ask yourself these questions…

1. Is the detail operation reliable?
2. Do they have insurance?
3. Are they qualified to do the work?
4. Do they have the capacity to give you a fast turn-around?
5. Price.

At Flash, we offer a package for whatever your needs may be. Do your used cars have smelly wet carpets? A carpet and upholstery steam cleaner (or soil extractor) is absolutely necessary to clean carpets and fabric upholstery and to eliminate any stains or odors. Is the cars paint covered in swirls from previous neglect? We can also offer full Paint corrections and coatings for any dealership that wants this in their package.

Before & After (not fully completed)

As a dealership having a pristine lineup of vehicles not only illustrates your company’s commitment to excellence, but it helps retain value at which these cars can be sold.

We have earned a reputation for offering high quality and reliable service with our mobile detailing. Flash is the leading service vendor for the largest corporate concierge in New Jersey — West Deptford/Sicklerville Concierge. We’re committed to growing as an auto detailing industry leader in the corporate and fleet sector by continuing to provide professional detailing services to our clients.

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