We know everyone is well aware of everything going on in the last few weeks. At Flash, we are prepared to assist in the fight against COVID-19 (Coronavirus). We want to inform you that:

The interior of your vehicle contains 700 different kinds of bacteria.

4 times more dangerous than a public toilet.

6 million germs per cubic sq/ft on average.

You don’t realize how many germs you pick up throughout your day and bring right into your vehicle/s, tracking them right into your home. We are now offering a Full Interior Detail Special for 25% off with an interior decontamination included at no additional cost, which will ensure the full extermination of anything that once was active in your vehicle. We are fully equipped with gloves and the correct face masks to ensure safety for our customers and employees.


Be sure to do your part in the community around you as well.

DO THE FIVE. [Help Stop Coronavirus]

HANDS Wash them often

ELBOW Cough into it

FACE Don’t touch it

FEET Stay more than 3ft apart

FEEL sick? Stay home



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