Corona Virus At-Home Tips

In the beginning, you were more cautious of the things you touched, the air you breathed, and how far away you are from others you were. But now it’s been over a year and people are starting to forget that we are still very much in a Pandemic. This is the new normal (at least for now) during the Coronavirus pandemic. If you want to decrease your chances of getting infected, cleaning and disinfecting your vehicle is important after every trip you make to a public space. Here are some easy ways to keep clean.

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If you are looking for a home remedy try any solutions that contain about 70% isopropyl alcohol. They are effective against killing Coronavirus, according to the CDC. Almost every interior surface can be cleaned using an IPA and water solution without damage. Most surfaces in vehicles are tested by manufacturers to make sure they do not degrade when exposed to pure isopropyl alcohol. However, you should consult your vehicle’s manual just to be sure and always try new products on an inconspicuous area first to make sure they are safe.


Time tested soap and water will kill most germs, viruses, and bacteria. Using a mild soapy solution on your vehicle’s interior is a fantastic way to kill COVID-19 and keep yourself and your family healthy. Simply mix together warm water and a moderate amount of soap, spray the solution onto the desired surface, and wipe clean. This will work in almost every situation.


Lysol is among the list of EPA approved products for disinfecting surfaces to mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus. Spraying a disinfectant spray in your vehicle can kill COVID-19 if left to properly dry. Be wary, as some sprays may leave sporting on the surface and could potentially damage your vehicle.


Do not under any circumstance use Bleach or Hydrogen Peroxide on your vehicle. Both of these products are very likely to damage surfaces in your vehicle. Cleaning your car’s surfaces with these cleaners will kill the coronavirus, but it will also likely discolor the surface it is used on creating permanent damage.

Do not use harsh chemicals when cleaning leather upholstery. Leather can easily be damaged so exercise caution while cleaning it. If you want to know how professionals clean leather, check out our car detailing guide.


Paper towels are known to cause micro-scratches on surfaces and they are not as good at picking up debris as microfiber towels. So when cleaning, use a microfiber towel for the best results. If you do not have a microfiber towel, a 100% cotton t-shirt will more as well.


In short, everything. If you monitor all of the areas you touch in your car during a given trip, you will quickly realize how many areas you need to disinfect. Also, the coronavirus is believed to spread through the air when in close proximity with a vector, so clean every surface in your vehicle – just to be safe.


Regardless of the method used to sanitize your car, make sure to keep your hands, clothes, and home clean. Wash your hands after visiting a public place because even if your car is clean, if your hands are not, you’re just reintroducing the virus into a sterile environment. Make sure to stay safe and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

Be sure to do your part in the community around you as well.

DO THE FIVE. [Help Stop Coronavirus]

HANDS Wash them often

ELBOW Cough into it

FACE Don’t touch it

FEET Stay more than 6ft apart

FEEL sick? Stay home


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