There’s no set path in life; it is what you make it, so why not make it unforgettable? With 4 wheel drive available, the Omni™ can take you down new paths, where you’ll discover how travel was meant to be. Don’t follow the path, create your own in an Omni™ Super C diesel motorhome from Thor Motor Coach.

Ford® Power Stroke™ Turbo Diesel

It doesn’t get any more exciting than taking an Omni wherever you want to go, so let’s dive into what moves you. The Omni is hand-built on a Ford® F-550 Chassis. The 6.7-liter Power Stroke™ diesel V-8 engine makes all the right sounds, as it sends 330 horsepower and 825lb.-ft. of torque.

Heavy Duty Super C Diesel: 10,000-lb. Towing Capacity

Don’t forget the Omni Super C motorhome features keyless entry, heated remote mirrors, side view camera monitor, emergency start, and trailer brake controller for whatever you may have hooked to the 10,000lb. hitch. Even your feet have first-class amenities with power-adjustable pedals and custom all-weather floor mats.

What Is Mobile RV Detailing?

Some people think that just hosing the exterior of their RV and vacuuming the interior is clean enough. Unfortunately, such cleaning methods will not get rid of deep-seated dirt and grime, oil, and microorganisms that can damage your RV’s exterior and interior. Worse, those can even threaten you and your family’s health and safety.

Mobile RV detailing can remove all those hazards and more. The process does not only clean the exterior and interior of your vehicle, but it also includes cleaning the engine and under chassis as well as restoring the gleam and polish of your RV’s paint by removing surface contaminants that spraying or hosing alone cannot get rid of.

Does mobile RV detailing seem like a daunting task? Well, it can be, if you don’t have a few tricks up your sleeves. Below are some tips to help you out.

Consider the Time and the Weather:

Choose a warm morning, preferably before 8 am, to do your RV detailing. Remember that RVs are really big – you need to finish cleaning and waxing the whole thing before the sun gets too hot. Otherwise, the cleaning solution might dry up or water spots may form. Both should be avoided because they can eventually damage the exterior paint of your vehicle. Plus, doing the detailing in the morning ensures that the engine is cold, thus, safe enough to clean.

Cover Sensitive Areas:

Use plastic to cover the alternator, air intake, spark plugs, electrical connections, and filter. This is to prevent water and oil remover from seeping in and causing damage to the engine.

Keep All Detailing Products Close at Hand:

Here’s what you’ll need to minimize detailing errors:

Bug remover

Tar remover

Car wash soap (don’t use detergents as this can damage paint)

Glass cleaner

Wheel cleaner

A long garden hose

Rubber gloves


Brush with long handle for hard to reach areas

Towels for drying

Car wax

Another tip: Transfer the cleaning solutions in small containers. Be sure to label accordingly. Put these in a small bag or basket that you can tie around your waist. This will free up your hands and save you a lot of time from walking back and forth from your RV to the storage area.

Clean the Water System:

Have you cleaned the interior but still notice a musty smell inside? Check the water system. It may contain water from your previous exploration. Drain the water heater, low point water lines, and the tank as well. To ensure that your water system is clean, put a few drops of bleach, fill the tank with water, and leave for 10 minutes. Drain it again and turn the pump and faucets on to flush the bleach out of the system. Turn off the pump and leave the system for 12 hours before you refill it with clean water.

Call the Experts:

Too much work? Don’t have time for mobile RV detailing? Then, call the experts. We offer multiple packages and coatings that can protect your RV.

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