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2020 was an extremely tough year for everyone a crossed the world. Covid-19 put a huge stop in most businesses. Luckily we were able to get through and help the community get through it together. As a company Flash has grown into something we never imagined in this short amount of time. 2021 there is no letting up. Through this past year, we purchased three new trucks for our fleet as well as an on site facility. We have almost tripled in size and learned from tons of mistakes. We had our ups and downs figuring out everything. Despite our initial difficulties, we ended the year strong. Flash ended in a place that we seriously didn’t think we would get to so fast. The ’20s will be our decade. We will take risks that others don’t and we will continue learning and developing better ways to give our customers the best final product. No small goals in 2021, we have very big things to come.

2020 Recap:

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