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Turn the volume up on the 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning’s audio system and you might well miss that this pickup truck is powered by electricity. With the tunes pounding you wouldn’t notice the absence of the gasoline engine’s sound. But floor the accelerator and you’ll know that the Lightning is not your standard gasoline-powered F-150; the electric motors’ instant, massive torque slams you into the seat as if you got run into from behind by a Peterbilt. Otherwise, the Lightning delivers just about everything the regular F-150 does in a package that is close to a mirror image. Inside and out, the Lightning looks like other F-150s—though it’s totally different underneath, of course. With the larger Extended-Range battery, the powertrain makes a whopping 580 horsepower, and with it the Lightning blasts to 60 mph in just 4.0 seconds.

We know as for truck things an Electric alternative isn’t an option for most as their main disadvantage is lack of range when towing. Just know that if you aren’t pulling much we think this is a great alternative for you. The clean modernized touches acrossed the whole vehicle make it, in our opinion, the best electric vehicle from a looks side of things.

If you recently purchased a new Electric vehicle be sure to give us a call to protect your investment. We offer high end PPF and Ceramic Coatings. This brand new Lightning received full front PPF and a full Gteqnic Ceramic Coating. Book your vehicle today.

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