Our Car Community has quickly been taken over by “send it” car meets and a bunch of nonsense. High Octane South Jersey is turning that around!

High Octane South Jersey is a group where cars and coffee mix with friendships and a common love of the automobile. It’s a Saturday morning car meet or Thursday night out with friends. Ultimately it’s where rare classic cars and exotics come fender to fender with an array of rat rods, drivers, and great conversations.

They like to keep things simple. They are not car snobs nor do they have much time for them. They focus on good times and doing good for our community. High Octane aims to make our experiences memorable. They never try to profit off of our community or each other. Yet at their core, they will always do their best to support their friends and neighbors. They do this all in the celebration of good times and cubic inches.

Here at Flash we love what the guys over at High Octane are doing with our Car Community and urge you to spend whatever nice Saturday mornings we have left showing up to the meets. They are showing how to have a great time enjoying all of our passions. Hopefully, in the future we can do an event with them all we ask is that you please leave any kind of nonsense at home.

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