A detail is more than a car wash; it is a white glove service where more care is taken than people imagine.
A car wash is a production line where your wheels are clamped in, paint is assaulted with brushes that cleaned every other car and in turn, does more harm than good to your vehicle.

The washes that don’t touch your car? Those do little more than nothing at all, using strong chemicals that strip the wax protecting your paint.

A proper detail preserves the surfaces such as the paint, glass, wheels, seats, carpets, and dashboard; and are finished off with protectant. This protectant guards against attack from paint-staining tar and leaves, clear coat-eating bird droppings and bug splatter, paint scratches and interior spills.

Before the tough winter climate is in full effect, be sure to get your car detailed so you and your family gets the most out of your vehicle!


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