This Honda Civic came into us with substantial damage to the front end. Car is driven daily on the high way about an hour a day. It’s has over 20k miles and you can definitely see the wear it’s having on the vehicle. Customer wanted us to do the best we could and see what we could salvage on the front bumper. We started this vehicle with our normal decontamination wash to pull everything off the paint so we had a fresh canvas. After we claybared it and began taping off for the correction.

After we pulled our any imperfections we could, over 12 hours of labor for just the correction, we began the ceramic coating. Here at Flash we use GTECHNIQ Ceramic Products. We feel that they have the most reputable brand and give an amazing result. Here are some before and after screenshots of our videos.

This vehicle will now be protected from for the next 3-5 years depending on the maintenance of the coating. We offer all our customers who get Ceramic Packages a maintenance wash option which we will come out monthly and boost the coating. You can also purchase our Ceramic Maintenance bucket for cleaning at home. This allows for peak protection all year round. If you are interested feel free to contact us.

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