Best Holiday gift of 2022!

People tend to get so busy during the holiday season, trying to fit in enough time to get their decorations ready and all their gifts purchased before the celebrations begin. At the same time, they have to contend with normal work duties, chores at home and other pressing tasks. Of course, being extra busy around this time of year can throw you off schedule when it comes to taking care of your automobile.

Failure to have professionals do interior and external automotive detailing on a regular basis means that your vehicle will lose its beautiful appearance, reducing its resale value when it comes time to put in on the market. You don’t want to drive around in a car that is dirty, has scratches, stains and dings or the messiness that comes from pet hair all over the seats.

Fortunately, we at Flash Mobile Detailing have come up with an ideal solution for you and your holiday gift recipients. We are pleased to announce that we are now selling Flash Mobile Detailing Gift Certificates, which will be the perfect holiday gift for the car lover in your life.

Not only will you have an amazing gift for your friend, relative or coworker, you will be giving him or her a long-overdue car detailing that will make the vehicle look like a million bucks!

We Provide Unmatched Detailing Services for all Types of Vehicles

Detailing is not just for cars. Our team provides special care and attention when detailing all types of vehicles, including:

* Cars
* SUVs
* Trucks
* Minivans
* Motorcycles

What to Expect During Your Auto Detailing Appointment

Our team will thoroughly inspect your vehicle. Then, we clean and condition all cloth or leather upholstery, clean the interior panels, and add protectant. We clean and wipe down everything, from doorjambs to vents and crevices, paying close attention to every single square inch.

Exterior automotive detailing includes washing and drying it by hand, removing all contaminants from the surface, and then eliminating minor scratches with a micro finishing compound if you decide to go with our Platinum Package and up.

Our team removes buffing swirls, applies glaze, and then hand applies to glass to give the vehicle a shine with that all-important “wet look” car aficionados prefer. The treatment concludes with us applying a final layer of protection and shine by adding either wax or ceramic.

The team at Flash Mobile Detailing is proud of the excellent work we do for vehicles in New Jersey. Our attention to detail and devotion to making vehicles look their absolute best are just some of the reasons why we get so much repeat business and referrals from our satisfied customers. For more information on our complete car detailing services or to purchase an auto detailing gift card, please contact us today.

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